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Default Re: Gnarley-Davidson

Originally Posted by harry76 View Post

Im with Silverbear, I really like this engine..... ill be following this one
Thanks! Any info or advice you could provide as I move along with the build would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the link, unfortunately it wont open for me. :/

Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
I'll have to say that is a sweet motor. Here in Canada, Iron Horse was highly respected as a lawn mower motor with a reputation for lasting for a very long time.

I too, will be watching this build.

Cool! Glad to hear it has a good reputation. Makes me feel a lot better about a semi-blind purchase.

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
That motor is governed to 1800 rpm. prolly could easily run to 3600 without the gov. You will have trouble finding a clutch that will engage at a lower rpm than 1800.
So I've heard. Any ideas on how to remedy this?
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