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Default Re: Gnarley-Davidson

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
watched the video and the rotation is that you will have the engine slanted toward the front. Shroud on the left side,and you can drive off eather side. Thats KOOOOOL......Curt
Those were all things I noticed when I saw it. I was like "I HAVE to have one of those."

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
I like that engine a lot. Was that the same company that made the outboard motors? About what horsepower would it be? I see in your illustration chain drive. Belt would be nice I think. However you do it, it's going to be unique. I like seeing different motors being used, especially the old ones.
I believe it is the same company, based on what I've read while researching the engine. I haven't found anything specific to my model, but I've seen 5/8 HP, and 1.38-2.5 HP. The site that says 5/8 HP says it runs at 1750-1800 rpm, so I need to find a centrifugal clutch that will work with it.

The sketch was done way before I had decided what engine I wanted and whether or not I wanted belt drive. I've pretty much decided to go with a chain.
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