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Default Stealth Build

A few days ago I was on my way to school and I got stopped by a roadblock. the cop said that it was a motor vehicle, and I couldn't ride it without plates or insurance. he almost gave me a bunch of fines, But he let me off with a warning. he did say however that I could still ride the bike, but without the engine running. this gave me ideas. I went to work and put the engine on a lighter frame, I actually managed to save the hydraulic rear disks!! there is about 3 mm clearance between the caliper and the chain.LOL I made a quiet intake and exhaust system and put engine covers in the frame. It actually hides the engine very well! the only downside to this build is that the fuel tank is quite small. about enough to get me to work and back. I am planning to put some heat resistant padding underneath the covers to absorb the engine noise. it echoes like crazy. now while I'm riding, I keep my thumb on the kill switch and ghost peddle!

btw I would like to post pictures, but my camera makes them too large a file.
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