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Question Re: MB Storytime 101... What do U use URs 4? Post UR stories here!

Here's mine...

... latest experiment, to build a motorized bicycle capable of traveling 32 miles round rip over paved country roads(PA legal) to MTB trail head, carrying trail maintenance tools(might have to use a trailer) then traveling down trails with low impact to repair, maintain or build trail features... far no other motorized bicycles have been seen in my area yet, only my other rides, except for one guy who rides a mini bike(no pedals) on the sidewalk to get to work. My rig complete with trailer might cause heart attacks... LOL

I'll throw out this question: Thinking of using scooter or motorcycle(wider tires)wheels to support extra weight, do you feel this takes away from the motorized bicycle profile?

...all input greatly appreciated
can't wait to hear your stories
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