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Default Re: where to buy screws, etc for my bike

While your getting new bolts if you don't have a metric tap set you should get one. The Chinee have a bad habit of short tapping the holes. I think to cut costs. Harbor Freight has a nice set for about $12.

I discovered this when I tried to put a Pirate Cycles CNS intake on. It comes with cap screw bolts that have the heads ground down to a smaller diameter so that there's more room. When I screwed them in they stuck out about 3/8ths of an inch. I cut them down not knowing that the hole wasn't tapped all the way. Check the cylinder studs, looking for undersized 8mm studs. A SBP cylinder stud kit did not fit my 66cc Boy Go Fast Z80. The Z80 studs were just slightly undersized and the SBP studs did not fit. The holes had to be tapped out to the 8mm size. It wasn't the SBP studs, it was the Z80 that was off. Not only that it had mixed threads with a coarser thread on the bottom and a fine thread on the top.
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