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Default How can you reduce the noise from pedaling?

With my bike, its primary purpose is to use the motor to get to campus and from there pedal the bike around with no motor use while going class to class. What I noticed is that there is a large amount of noise coming from somewhere... I can't really pinpoint it. Maybe the tensioner? Maybe somewhere else? (I'm talking about the noise that you primarily hear when pedaling. not the ticking, that other loud thing I'm sure you are familiar with)

I knew there would be noise from reading posts, and I think I read that some reduced the noise by getting rid of the tensioner. I also know that a jackshaft would essentially reduce that noise to nothing.

In this case until my summer build, I wasn't going to get a shift kit. I could remove the tensioner if need be but it would be difficult in my situation especially since I don't use a masterlink. Is there any other way to reduce the noise or is my best bet to get rid of that ticking death roller so called tensioner.
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