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Default Felt, Nuvinci, SickParts, and shifter kit?

I'm new from NC. Recently helped a friend hook up his cruiser in a lot of excitement, pretty sure that I was already going to have to get one, and after I rode it, I knew. I have been looking for something like this since being a kid before losing sight in my other hobbies.

I teach Technology in public schools, small engines plus saving money is right up my alley. Right now, I definitely admire clotho's creation the most, not sure I'll be able to afford it, or even find a Felt bicycle that is that classy near me. Being able to cruise at 30 mph would also be a dream I might never be able to obtain with a heavy combination like that, but with my friends at the local NC State University (proud grad), maybe we can work something up. I have the two stroke tuners guide off the forums. Not sure where to go next, any recommendations on where to go to get quality for the money?

Definitely want something two-stroke with good reliability and power ratio.
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