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Angry Update - Horrible Experience with

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Any update???
Sorry, I went to watch the Olympics and left this project behind for a little while. The games were great to watch live, by the way!

Anyway, back to Zoom Bicycles!

*Too Many Projects* - Yes, I read and re-read all the instructions, even before the kit ever arrived. Yeah, I'm one of those... Anyway, we tried many methods of trying to loosen that sprocket up. Oiled it, screw driver, wrench, install the chain and tried riding the bike, etc. Nothing worked.


So basically I had to pay to ship the motor back. That was before the Olympics. After I came back, I contacted them and finally got John to call me. He said someone signed it but most likely it wasn't him. The motor might have ended up in someone else's warehouse. Whatever. Few days later, I get an email saying they are sending another motor to me.

Yipee!!! Oh... Not so fast...

Got the new motor, so I immediately brought it to my brother-in-law, the mechanic. Guess what...?

The new motor is dead -- same issue. He tried everything again with the small sprocket and nothing happens. It's stuck, not turning at all. With wrench, screw driver, WD-40, putting the chain on and trying to ride it... Darn thing won't turn at all. Per the licensed mechanic brother-in-law, he said chances are the entire shipment they received are defective, if they sent a new motor at all!!!!

So I emailed Zoom Bicycles, and of course, no replies yet!

Frustrated? I originally got this in July from my friend as my birthday present, and I'm telling my friend to dispute with the credit card company. This is ridiculous. I'm not paying another $30 to ship back the motor and pray to get a working motor!!!

My suggestion -- Find a place from within the USA (unless you're in Canada) and buy from them. You'll have a better fighting chance to dispute with that company!!!!!

Terrible terrible experience for a newbie. Thank goodness gas prices are going back down, but I still would've wanted a motorized bicycle!!!
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