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Default where to buy screws, etc for my bike

This is my bike, a 2 stroke

apparently from this thread:

its a 66cc, anyone else able to confirm this?

Where will I be able to buy all the screws, bolts, etc as when I bought it, it was using plastic wire strips instead of bolts, etc some of the bolts/screws are stripped, and I also want to have extra backup just in-case.

I don't need a whole new engine, just the screws, and bolts that hold to together, and on the bike

I just want to buy a 'package' of nuts, bolts, screws, etc for my bike, etc
I also need to buy a air/oil filter, etc for the carburetor I might just buy a whole new one if its cheap, and I know exactly what type cc my engine is

Thanks for the help, any is appreciated
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