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Default Re: Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

Here is another reason to watch 110 volt welders. Sounds like a neat idea and handy as **** but not really cause you are gonna be at the max on your circuit breaker. Especially bad with an extension cord even a good one.

I decided I wanted to tig weld cause I push mig wire all day long and its not my idea of fun anymore. So last summer I bought a chinese inverter tig, stick, and plasma cutter. It supposedly can be wired to 110 volt or 220 so with my bad experience with 110 I wired it to 220, I already had the service to another bigger ac arc welder. On a 30 amp breaker it works great for the little stuff I'm working on. I also bought a foot pedal and I think I got about 600 in it. Mine won't weld aluminum though cause its a straight dc invertor. You need ac current to tig aluminum although I have and can with the unit at work called a square wave. It's probably close to 3 grand though and I wasn't gonna drop that much. The kicker for me was the plasma torch. It's not the nicest torch I have used but it will zip apart sheet metal as fast as you can move it. I already had the air compressor to supply the air. Here is the gas tank I made with it I zipped my pieces out of 18 ga carbon steel , match ground the sides and fit it together corner to corner joint and tig welded it.

I used a flapper disk on my 41/2 angle grinder to finish the edges. Also to clean the metal to a shine along the edges of the joint. I have a second angle grinder set up with a 1/16 thick cutoff wheel. Any light trimming I do with that. I found out I didn't like swapping disks on the grinder so now I have two. I couldn't pass up the 4 1/2 paddle trigger grinder at harbor freight. I paid 29 bucks for it. It's as good as my old black and decker I paid 90 bucks for years ago. The harbor freight grinding and cutting wheels are kind of soft and wear out quick but I like the price a lot better than at my steel supply store. They are great for small hobby type light duty stuff.
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