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Originally Posted by Dogtown Burner View Post
well Catperson,
did you wind up porting the Jet? havent seen one for sale in quite some time now. done any more thread research?
if you have not, fyi the 66's are rumored to redline around 8k, and run comfortable high cruise around 6k. Reed valves are rumored not to work, as the engines werent intended to use them. something about port size/timing. also, do not raise or lower the ports---wider works. (this is just from threads i've read)
I'm curious what you have found, if anything. I'm also interested what you think the possibilities of a go-ped engine on a bike would be? maybe put a 415 chain & 8 tooth sprocket on the clutch and run to a (huge, I'm guessing) rear wheel sprocket?.
I Rode my nephews go-ped today, and whew! thats some power!!. if these china girls did that the "performance increase" pages on this forum would be a lot thinner. it'd be nice to see that kind of power on a bike. Although I'm guessing wheel size, torque, and clutch strength would play a major change-up game. going from a 10" tire to a 26" is significant. hence the intrigue...
any wisdom appreciated.

Man my last post was awhile ago, lol. Since then I ended up buying a BGF 66cc engine kit off ebay. I tore the thing down, looked over the internals and did some minor exhaust/transfer porting. All I can say is that these engines really are cheaply built... Unfrotunately I never ran the engine stock so I don't know if mine really does perform better than stock. All I can say is that it hasn't let me down once since I finished setting it up a couple of months ago. Since then I haven't really messed with it since my motorized bicycle is my main transportation to/from work so I can't afford to have it apart. The cranks in these things really are horrendous in terms of their balancing and this has prevented me from porting the engine further. I see no point in doing so since the damn thing vibrates so badly. I'm used to smoothe running engines and the HT definitely is the worst I've seen in terms of balancing.

However, I will be throwing out the stock float style carburetor in favor of a walbro pump carburetor sometime soon. I just need to finish getting my mill set up so that I can fab an intake manifold. The walbro is much better than the stock carb so it should help my engine run smoother.

Also, you can reed the HT engines; you would just have to do some porting to the top end to get the most out of it. I run reeds on all my goped engines and do the portwork myself so I know that you can reed almost anything as long as you know what you're doing.

I've seen a few people put goped engines on their bicycles. They work great and with the right porting will easily outperform any chinese HT engine out there. I've built a few 50mph GoPeds so I know what those engines are capable of. If you visit Untitled Document that site might give you some good ideas on how to mount a goped engine with a little use of the search function.
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