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Default Re: Felt cruiser project

Originally Posted by jim_himself View Post
Well i just ordered this awesome felt cruiser (pictured below, the really new looking one) and don't know what to do with it engine wise. I want lots of low end and mid end power, but don't need huge amounts of top end. My current bike, (the silver mountain bike), has a gp460 engine that is just too loud and lacks low end, despite being able to pull me over 50mph. Im looking to find out what i should do as far as engines go, i was thinking a shift kit since it has a three speed hub. Definitely going to be in frame though. Thanks in advance for any help.
hey man did you forge ahead with the felt? great bikes. VMB uses them primarily. I have a question- I want to put a 460 on a beach cruiser and frame mount the engine. no one seems to have done this. probably reasons. you state a lack of low end. have you tried a 56 tooth rear sprocket? and was it easy to put a "large chain" sprocket on the engine?
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