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Default Re: Two things I've learned about torque and power.

Lol no it’s not that. I didn’t reply because you said "not polish the intake because the turbulence atomizes the fuel better." By all means polish the intake this will make the intake flow smoother an increase the engines efficiency. The atomizing of the fuel is the job of the carb, and if it’s not doing its job well enough then it’s time to upgrade. Dellorto makes a good one. And a fun fact for you is that when the crank gets hot it will actually vaporize the fuel while it’s still in the crank case about to be transferred to the piston and that is the best atomizing you can possibly get. This is why your bike always performs better after it has "warmed up"

Read "the tow stroke tuners hand book" you can download it free online or if you can’t find it I can send you the PDF. It has everything you need to know to get you submersed into two strokes. And once you read it you’ll be able to do real modifications like I’m doing check it out.

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