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Default Re: Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

Did a few things tonight


Finished up with crank washed and cleaned it, applied WD-40 to everything except the screw holes and screws to get rid of any moisture.
Upgraded the screws from cheese head screws (original) to stainless steel allen head screws.

Applied split washer and a good amount of blue thread locker to each screw before tightening with hand tools. Now that is one happy looking crank!!!

Here is a way to safely remove the bearing shields without damaging the bearing it self
First take a knife and gently pry up the shield by twisting the knife not leveraging the knife you’ll break the tip off in the bearing (ask me how I know that)

Then use needle nose pliers to remove the shield (remember to only remove one shield for each shielded bearing)

Freeze bearings in a zip lock bag so moisture from the freezer does not come in contact with the freezing bearings

Now heat one side of the crank case up to 175 or so, not too hot you don’t want to get in danger of warping the case, 175 degrees Fahrenheit is well within the limits of case damage.

I like to convection cook my cases so the juices stay inside. It will give you a much tenderer ride in the long run

Here is a video of how to pressure fit the case bearings read the description for more instructions.
Remember to do only one side of the case at a time there is no need to rush things.

Pessing Bearing on 66cc Skyhawk - YouTube

Hope this simplified the changing bearing process for you guys.

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