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Default Re: DIY english wheel by request (Dan)

Are there any videos of how one is used.

Originally Posted by thegnu View Post
I was jabberin in another thread an mentioned building an english wheel , Dan suggested this thread so , if anyone is not familiar with an english wheel they are used for forming nice round shapes in metal, for instance you can roll out tanks, fenders, fairings ,seat pans, basicly any shape that you need convex , or straighten small dents an dings in the same shapes an use little to zero filler to finish out your work .
one of our illustrous leaders, Dan found this link to one : that is a perfect example of how they should look , mine is a example of how to make one with just leftover metal I had on hand .an a bearing press, its not the fancyest but it will work.
so here is what you need .
1. 1 8inch large flat roller with needle bearings an shaft
2. 1,3 inch 1/4 round face roller with needle bearings an shaft sourced at grainger or mc'mastercarr (cant remember exactly where I got them )
3. about 5 foot of 2 X 3/16 inch square steel tubing
4 about 18 inches X 3 of 1/2 inch plate
5.4 inches of 1 inch round steelbar an a welder
important these rollers must run true .
cut 3 12 inch peices of the tubeing an mount the small roller on one end of the tubing
at the other end of that tube make a mount frame by welding 2 peices across the bottom approximately 2 inches above the end without the roller.
be sure to keep things as level an plumb as posible.
the upper roll mount is fairly simple .
you need to make a mount for the large roller from a 3 inch peice of the tubeing an 2 peices of 1/2 plate drilled for the shaft be sure to keep the shaft in alingment, take a peice of the 1/2 in plate an weld it across the top of the 3 inch small peice then cut a peice of the steel bar about 1 1/2 long an weld to the center of that plate to fit into the press' reciever weld on a 12 inch peice to one side an attach mounting flanges an bolt that to the press.
I clamp the lower roller to my press an aligning that can be a bit of a pain but it works .
I am not real good at writing this kind of thing so I hope that the pics will help .
I am here to answer questions on this . build one an have fun shaping metal gentlemen.
DIY english wheel .
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