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Default Re: Sub $300 cruiser, new?

Are you looking to have a bike that will last for years to come, or one that will just last for the summer? A good solid frame and wheels/tires are most important here. "Don't be cheap, cause it will just come back to bite you and you'll end up spending more to upgrade in the future. Almost any vintage cruiser will hold up to the task (schwinn, roadmaster, elgin, ect...) you should be able to find them locally or on ebay within in your budget. Newer high-end cruisers work well too, such as: Felt, Nirve, and Electras. Don't worry about a front brake, you can always have a bike shop lace up a front drum brake hub for a fair price. With the combination of a front drum brake the coaster brake will be just fine, just don't be a retard and be trying to freewheel the crank. Post some pictures and share your build progression with us.

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