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Default Re: Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

Cavi Mike... For your fist post you quoted me and added words of your own in there to change the context of my meaning. A sealed bearing has a rubber seal pressing against the inner and outer race track. This is for the purpose of blocking contaminants from entering the bearing.

“These are the difference between the two bearings I’m using in the engine. One has a metal shield that doesn’t touch the inner raceway and the other has a plastic seal that presses against the outer and inner raceway keeping all dirt out. -recon chris”

This has nothing to do with the vacuumed affect inside the crank case. I was only talking about the bearing itself.

Also the point you made that the BEARING makes the seal in the crank case is incorrect. The two bearings in the crank case that came with the engine originally were “open” bearings meaning that they had no seal or shield but were completely open (hence the name). You can literally breath through them I can post pics of them if you need further clarification. However what does make the seal between the crank shaft and the crank case is something called an oil seal. They are spring loaded rubber grommets that press against the inside diameter of the crank case and the outside diameter of the crank shaft. These are located on the outer side of the bearings but is not part of the bearing. You can see it for yourself if you pop your magneto off or if you look behind your pinion gear.

And yes the electrical conduit I’m using for the exhaust is galvanized and I am welding it. This is something I would not recommend anyone on this forum try by themselves because as you stated mike “releases hexavalent chromium” and that is a toxic gas. However I minimize my risk of exposure to it by taking necessary perceptions (ie. Full face respirator, very well ventilated room, and short stents of welding). Thank you very much for your concern, I am aware of the potential health risks.

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