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Originally Posted by Basement Cat View Post
The biggest bigfoot engine would be a 30.5 cc; they're pretty good and can rev up to 18k, which would be nice to have on a bike. Unfortunately I don't have the tooling necessary to rig up one of my Go-Ped engines

I think I'm going to go with a Jet kit from What do you guys think? I've heard they were a good vendor and that the kit is one of the better Chinese ones. I was planning on looking over the internals before installing it after seeing that thread about the grubee kit with metal shavings in it.

I'm also going to try to see if I can adapt one of my cylinder reed valves to it. Hopefully the intake port's bolt spacing will work with the reed I have (crossing fingers!). I'm also planning on doing some porting and will try to measure the port timings since I figure some people may be interested in that.

Does anyone know what kind of revs the 66cc Jet can handle? I don't want to push the engine too hard and blow it up when I get it...

Sorry for the long post. This looks like a great forum and I'm excited to get my first motorized bicycle built!
well Catperson,
did you wind up porting the Jet? havent seen one for sale in quite some time now. done any more thread research?
if you have not, fyi the 66's are rumored to redline around 8k, and run comfortable high cruise around 6k. Reed valves are rumored not to work, as the engines werent intended to use them. something about port size/timing. also, do not raise or lower the ports---wider works. (this is just from threads i've read)
I'm curious what you have found, if anything. I'm also interested what you think the possibilities of a go-ped engine on a bike would be? maybe put a 415 chain & 8 tooth sprocket on the clutch and run to a (huge, I'm guessing) rear wheel sprocket?.
I Rode my nephews go-ped today, and whew! thats some power!!. if these china girls did that the "performance increase" pages on this forum would be a lot thinner. it'd be nice to see that kind of power on a bike. Although I'm guessing wheel size, torque, and clutch strength would play a major change-up game. going from a 10" tire to a 26" is significant. hence the intrigue...
any wisdom appreciated.
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