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Default Re: New member from Lancaster, PA

Originally Posted by Toofat2fly View Post
I bought a Kawasaki 600 ($25) tank from E-bay, since these tanks have good shapes that would work. (and I did not have any steel, so I though it was the cheapest way to do it.)
Basically just 6 hours of beating it with round nylon hammers on top of sandbag.

Second picture is testing the T-Ford "Neva-Lost" radiator cap on it. Looks like I'll have to learn how to do brazing, since i need to join steel and brass..

Once I am not in the garage all night, I'll try to start a write up in Board tracker forum soon....
Whooly sheet metal work fatman, very cool. The cap is an awesome touch

Gnu, ya built your own English wheel? Ya gotta do a thread if ya haven't.

Ya got me going.

Sorry for the ramble on your thread 2F2F.
worst apocalypse ever
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