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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I rode my Tanaka bike to the grocery store today with a trailer. I'm beat!

I somehow got a flat with a kevlar belted tire, but made it to the store with a hand pump and got a tube. hahaha. I saved the other for a patch up spare. Dang wongmart. They are doing better with bike stuff, but still half the time don't stock long-valve 700 or 27" tubes for the bikes they sell (Schwinn and Mongoose hybrids). I keep a supply of valve extenders for dually trucks, that works on shrader valves.

I pulled a fabric kid trailer with a laundry basket, 2 gallons of milk, 1 gal orange juice, 1 gallon rice milk, 1lb broccoli, 12pk beer, cheese, 1L soda, 2lb chicken nuggets, and a red bull. I forgot extra fuel, (oops!) so, even pedaling hard, I had to granny gear the last mile home. hahahaha.

The dip-can filter box will make do till I get parts, but the kitchen pads and lid were WAY too restrictive. It worked ok with the Ace gauze and worm clamp. The walmart workers on break thought it was cool, and cagers were bewildered. They thought I had children in there. I don't see it a crime to ride svc road and backroads with a kid, but I stick to the slow rural routes and parks with my daughter.
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