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Default Re: strange bogging at 1/2-wot

alright, so I did some experimenting today and here's what I came up with...

-fuel filter had good flow
-the muffler is free flowing.
-I took the head off and checked the gasket. it was fine. while it was off I checked the ports for build up.
-the spark plug is looking fine. Tan/brick color. my gap is .050 I tried .020 a while ago but it ran rough.

I also played with the needle setting. the 4 stroking at low speed dissapeared with the leanest setting, but it still boggs at 3/4 throttle. I can't tell if it is a lean or rich bogg. performance at mid throttle seems to have improved, although I have very low power accelerating until I hit about 20K then it takes off.
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