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Default Two things I've learned about torque and power.

Was looking at and I learned something I was wondering about, the gear ratio on a shift kit. Apparently in low gear it is like having a 58 tooth single speed rear sprocket, that's sick! Major hill torque there boy.

I am planning my second motorbicycle, and I haven't even built my first one! I ordered the motor yesterday, and I am getting a donor mountain bike from a guy I know.

What I am inspired by is this:
Ridiculousness: "Death Comes To Town" or "Middle Aged Dudes in the Hall"
That devil got me fired up about motorbicycles, I wondered how I can make one of those! (that's my second motorbicycle inspiration)

OK, thing I learned numero deux:
Deburring the intake port and deburr and polish the exhaust to smooth out the fuel exhaust flow, and to not polish the intake because the turbulence atomizes the fuel better.

Just wanted to share my knowledge growth curve.
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