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Cool strange bogging at 1/2-wot

Hello, I'm new to this forum and built a motorized bicycle a few months ago. ever since It's first ride, 1/2 to wot does not exist. as soon as I get past 1/2 the engine starts bogging down. It seems I can actually make the mixture leaner or richer with different throttle positions. slightly below 1/2 it is rich and starts to four stroke, slightly more throttle it stops four stroking and starts to bog down and act lean. I can still get up to a good speed, but I have to listen to my engine and get to that point slightly above four stroking. this makes it difficult to go up mild hills. i can only go up them at 1/2 throttle. any more and it looses power and boggs. I checked for air leaks and sealed off the intake manifold anyway to be sure. other than that she runs great. starts easy and idles nicely. I'm running 40:1.

thank you in advance

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