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Default Re: can someone please enlighten me

Thing here is there's a speed limit on the bikes in the first place, 30 MPH. Exceding it will draw the attention of the police faster than anything else. Plus there no way to reliably run at thise speeds constantly. C'mon, it's 50 cc's. The 50 cc motors that can run that fast are very expensive, a water cooled Morini or Aprila or a Seven could but they are "light-switch" motors. Off or on full blast or idleing. Not much inbetween.

It's just not realistic to expect a China Girl type of motor to do these speeds, they just can't.

By the way, Spooky Tooth was sold last winter. Your cheapest, best deals are going to be on eBay. Boy Go Fast is one. Plus if there's a problem(and that happens a LOT) you can file a dispute with eBay. It's about the best chance of getting satisfaction when there's a problem.
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