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Exclamation can someone please enlighten me

Ok first I'd like to introduce myself everyone calls me Hiefy. Pronounced hyphy. I've been driving without a license my whole life and have gotten 18 cars taken away over 40 drivig without a license tickets and will not be gettin my license anytime soon due to having to pay tens of thousands of dollars before I can have the privledge of getting it back. Now that you know my life story haha I have come to the conclusion that motorized bikes are my saving grace. But I have found that a 4 stroke motor will be more of my style due to the fact that I will need to be taking it on long rides... Sometimes very long rides ha but Im pretty mad that they only go up to 30mph. Is there any way I can get one of these up to 2 stroke high speeds like 50mph? And if so is it possible to get a 49cc one there?? From what I've heard its impossible but I would like to get where I'm goin as fast as possible. But I see it as if the cops see its only a 49cc as long as they don't catch me goin over 30 they have no reason to ticket me haha. Anyways can someone please help me I have my eyes on a couple 4 stroke bikes on spooky tooth cycles .com and was wondering is that a good company to go with? And can I mod those engines to get higher speeds? I know very very little of these bikes and am totally open to any type of knowlegde anybody would be willing to share. Thanks - Hiefy
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