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Default packin' it away

I really like the bikes I built from alternate engines. As a matter of fact I haven't ridden the china girl bike in a month at least. So I think I will just sell it, but the time of year is dead wrong to sell a motorized bike. It is rainy and going to be getting cold way to soon for anyone to fork out bucks for one of these. At least anyone local.

So I think I'm going to store the bike over the winter and sell it in the spring. I don't want the bike gummed up in the spring so I'm thinking I will start it up and then turn the gas off at the tank. I will let it run dry, then drain the gas out and use it in my other bikes.

That way when spring comes I can just add gas and start it up. I think I'll shoot the chain with some light oil. I am going to store it in the shop for the winter months for sure. I'll probably put the chainsaw 42 in the shed where I had the China Girl for easier access.

So will that take care of it or is there more I need to do
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