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Default Re: Newbie looking for some help on new build

Okay thank you guys so much for your help. Right now I'm trying to decide.. Spend 160 on a kit that'll take a while to set up and can't really be moved to another bike very easily, OR spend 250 and get a friction drive.

motor bicycle gas engine rear friction kit 49cc RF49 | eBay

It seems like the friction one would be so much easier to set up, and if something breaks on one bike or if I want to put it on another bike, it would be really quick and easy to switch bikes. What do you guys recommend? Whats the top speed for a friction drive, and can it go up hills well? or would it slip alot? Around here there's lots of hills and that's one of the main reasons I'm gonna get one, is to go up hills easier. So.. Opinions? Thanks!
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