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Default Re: Too Big???

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Please don't "minimod" - if you think a post violates our rules, report it. If the OP has an issue with the posts being made in their thread, they may ofc request their removal.
I'm not "minimodding", and I consider you accusing me of it disrespectful and undermining my point. The OP is gone and yet another thread gets derailed by a new guy and Silverbear. If you ask me, he's the worst offender on this site for derailing threads. Sorry SB, I respect you, but you make an information mess here.

You may wish to consider that "netiquette" varies somewhat from forum to forum, here we appreciate old threads being revived as they often contain valuable information that would otherwise be overlooked & contributing to any thread with helpful and constructive suggestions is never frowned on.
You may wish to consider that this whole site is a mess when it comes to new guys finding information. Even people who know how to research have trouble finding a little tidbit they once read. Reviving old threads and going on a tangent makes things harder to find in the long-term, despite what some of you moderators may think. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I've been on the net since the beginning and am a member of dozens of forums.

IMHO, every single post in this thread having nothing to do with the OP should be deleted or moved. Most forums do that with varying degrees of punishment/reprimands meted out to the offenders.
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