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Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
It's bad netiquette. If I came back and found someone had derailed my thread, I'd be pretty annoyed, and best believe everything in that thread would disappear.

Put the info in the right place, don't scatter it some more in tagless threads.
I guess I don't have good 'netiquette'. A person asked a question about mounting the HF light, I knew something about it from my own experience and tried to help. I don't see how I was derailing the thread since it was still on the same subject, using a Harbor Freight dune buggy light as a motorbike headlight. I did want to share some enthusiasm for what I think is a good quality, inexpensive headlight that I'm happy with. I appreciate the tip on using this light which I learned right here from this thread.

If the moderators want to move it to the lighting section, that would be good, I guess. And if the originator of this thread is upset with my contribution then I'm sorry about that. Thanks for posting in the first place.
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