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Default Chain Tensioner Ideas? Panama Jack

Hello everyone, This is my first post and first build. This past summer I purchased everything I needed to get on the road and start riding. I put everything together on my Panama Jack Huffy cruiser bicycle and even panited it to look completely radical.

Since the first day of riding, I ran into issues with the chain and tensioner. I could never get it right! Either the chain would fall off, the chain would snap, a link would get completely disfigured, or the tensioner would realign its self losening the chain. It was very frustrating. After riding it up and down the street back and forth between the street sign and my garage, brining my wrench and pliars with me adjusting the tensioner, I finally though I got it in the right spot. I went to ride via canal to our town's village and about 5 min into the ride, the chain broke leaving me to ride back with the clutch down the whole way home. I ordered a new chain and attempeted to re-align the tensioner. I made one successful trip to a location and back that was about 5 miles away going close to max speed. After, however, the same issues occurred and my patience was lost. Its winter now and too cold for me to work on it, but I'd like to start gathering the resources to finally complete my build and utilize my motor bike before spring. CAN ANYONE HELP? OR GIVE SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO DO>>>??? I really would appreciate it.
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