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Wink Re: Sub $300 cruiser, new?

Originally Posted by maurtis View Post
I definitely plan on upgrading the rear if it is a coaster brake and start with a caliper brake up front and eventually go to a drum on a springer fork (for looks, vs using a disc). So starting with front and rear v-brakes is nice, but not a deal breaker since aftermarket calipers are cheap.

I definitely appreciate the option of being able to pedal backwards, though.

Those Fitos look fine, but I have not found anything about them online as a manufacturer? Looks like they are only sold through I wonder if they are rebranded Schwinns, which they match pricewise. The Schwinn Majestic is flat black, has 7 speeds and v-brakes for the same price, but without the $40 shipping.

Fortunately I have about a month before I start ordering parts so time to think on this, but it is sounding like there is not much advantage with getting a $300 bike to put an HT motor in vs. buying a $150 bike locally that I can check the welds and tires on beforehand...

And Scotto, WOW. That 212cc Predator build looks NUTS!!! Where did you get that layback seat post from? i am planning on running one, and it looks more finished than the Pirate Cycles one.
The seat post is from a forum member, kipharley, and here is a link to it:

here's a better pic of the seat post:

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