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Default legality and choosing engine displacement, torn?

Hi motorbicyclists!
I am going to purchase a Raleigh front suspension bicycle from some guy for 50bux (I have a full susp. Raleigh now, as a coincidence the bike I am buying is a Raleigh)

Anyway to cut the minor details, I need to actually buy the bike, then buy a motor, 48-50cc is legal without licensing, but 66cc motors are so much more available and slightly more powerful.

Should I be a scof-law and just get the 66cc motor, I mean really, how much is a cop going to investigate my engine cid?
I am not a crazy bicyclist and do not attract too much heat, what are your opinions and experiences, thank you all.

PS, does this post violate the TOC?

PS again, opinion on this ebay find:
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