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Default Re: It Ain't the Spark Plug !

I guess I will have to root around for a gaping tool or feeler gauge, but in either case, I stuck the old one back in there.
With all your advice you have me in a generous mood and I hope that I can return the favors to this forum, and I will, but for now I have gone over the material and found your advice very good and also useful, . . . but I have not yet solved the problem, and am beginning to think along the lines of possibly something significant, head gasket or maybe even worse !

I am getting the Pap< pap, Pap sound and am thinking that it may not be coming out of the end of the muffler, it sounds like it is in the head, cylinder.

I hate to say this but it even sounds like a knock, so whats in there that would make an unmistakable harsh pap or knock and make the bike ride like its going down the RR on the ties ?

This is beginning to sound like a job for Norman !

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