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Default Re: What would you build?

alright sgt howard u just got the dang gears in my head turing .

id realy like to do the same but build a 1979 sr 500 yahmaha its a 500cc thumper id love to have a small version of the same bike 4 stroke of course to keep the thump tune the same the big center headlight with a similar tach and spedo setup .

(some may not think that its one of the greatest bikes ever but i do got it for free when i was 16 it was sitting up against a barn for ten years new battey startedright up. )

QUOTE=Sgt. Howard;357757]The first purchase would be a reliable wire-feed welder that can run on 120 volts- then I would design a 7/8 scale 1912 Harley Davidson frame. Then the nessisary aircraft tubular steel would be acquired. There would be a great deal of research into the motor- mind you, I have no issues with the faithless little 'Happy Times' chinese mill... but if a four stroke makes more sense and is affordable after what has already been spent, I could go that route. I would do the Sager springer forks and set it up as a 'touring' bike of the day- yes, I LOVE the looks of a board tracker... BUT I'M AN OLD MAN!!! The idea of riding all over creation hunched over a gas tank has NO appeal to me, I would rather sit upright as on my beach cruiser and show some style and comfort. Peugot Grey with red trim and logo, some dummy aluminum to create the 'crankcase' where the chain tension/motor mount is hidden.
Great bikes are built not Bought Link to INFIDEL 99cc predator build to Recumbent golden eagle build
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