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Default Re: Newbie looking for some help on new build

Well I don't currently have a bike that I think one would be good on, but I'll be looking around for one. I will avoid bikes with rear suspension. Most of the bikes around here are mountain bikes. So it'll probably be a mountain bike that I'll get.
I don't really know what ported means but I know how to clean out the carb. I won't have anyone to be working with me.

I do know how to use most tools. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to mount it properly, but my concern is taking care of the engine. I don't know how to mix oil and gas, and how much to mix.

Thanks for the links! Those will really help.

I have a couple more questions.
How hard will it be to mount it on a regular 26" mountain bike and still be able to use the pedals?
And how hard is it to take one off and transfer it to another bike after it has already been installed?
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