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Default Gnarley-Davidson

I just bought an engine for my bike, so I guess the build has started. I had thought about getting a 4-stroke kit, then I saw something awesome on youtube: Johnson Iron Horse - YouTube so I bought one. It was made in the 30s or 40s. Its a 4-stroke and pretty awesome, imo.

I guess it'll be a bit more work to get the bike up and running, but at least it'll be unique.

I'm calling the bike the Gnarley-Davidson because I've wanted a Harley for a while now, just can't afford it and I'll be getting a Sportster peanut tank for the bike. Yeah, yeah so the only Harley part'll be the tank, but Hardly-Davidson is so overused. Heh.

- Z

Here's a sketch of what I have in mind for those that haven't seen it.
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