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Default Re: First build by most not handy guy

2 door and kcvale. Thanks for the advice. Fortunately I spoke with norm from Venice motorbikes and I ordered the sportsman hub adapter which offsets the sprocket outside the wheel so the chain will clear the tire. Also I am offsetting the engine slightly.

Thanks for the pic of the military felt. I love it. I hope to try riding a 4 stroke someday. I like that fact that it's straight gas no mixture and I'm not a big fan of pedaling every time I come to a complete stop. I was jealous on the last ride I did when the four stroke guys just took off on green light and I was pedaling

I got the tire off!!!! Thanks for advice

Today I sanded and self etching primered the front and rear rim and the hub adapter kit.i then Sprayed the rims and spokes flat black as well as the hub kit. I also picked up flat black engine paint to paint my engine. Question about painting engine. Is there anywhere on the engine that CAN NOT get paint on/in/or near. Should I tape around spark plug or remove spark plug? I'm afraid to get paint inside engine so I thought taping around spark plug would be better.

Where is a good place to order a keg style gas tank that I can fit in a leather punch on handle bars? The ones I found seem super pricey

I will begin the welding process tomorrow and will update pictures of the new modified frame prior to painting.

I am extremely intimidated by installing the engine kit. Is there a link to a detailed instructional video or PDF or anything?

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