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Default New build help


I'm new to the forum, and to motorized bikes in general, although I have made a go kart or 2 from scratch, and have done some research and studied these forums.

I am 18, and cannot afford a car for the next couple months. I have a nice push-bike that I know well and love. It only has one fixed gear. I wish to attach a motor to fit the following criteria-

Cruising speed >35mph
Able to do 165 mile trips (can refuel)
Reliable for everyday trips to and from work (10-20 miles a day)

I make a trip across the state, from West Palm Beach to Sarasota, 2 or 3 times a month to visit my girlfriend. Recently I've been taking the train, or she drives down here. The train is getting expensive, and long term this is a great way to save some money until I can afford a car. I won't be making any more than 5 trips to Sarasota on the bike, because my girlfriend plans on moving much closer to me.

I want to know if there is a cheap and quality kit available, or how else I should go about doing this. I have reasonable mechanical and engineering ability, and am able and willing to create this from scratch.

Any ideas welcome
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