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Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
SB, this is nice info, but you're putting it on someone else's dead thread.

This info would be great in the Lighting section.
It is an old thread, but three individuals have posted on it today, including you. Often old posts are picked up again. What's wrong with that? If the moderators want to move it, then that's their business. I'm well aware how old it is as I posted on this thread when it was 'new.' A question was asked and I attempted to answer it, at least from my perspective.

Just yesterday I picked up an old thread of Chainmakers, asking a question about his Panther build which he answered and someone else commented on. I've had a number of my old threads picked up again with a question or comment from someone. A thread is dead only if no one posts on it. Just my opinion anyway. The person who originally started the thread may be gone, but the rest of us are still here.
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