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I make two modifications to my lights. If it is going to be tucked into ears then I remove the mounting bolt from underneath. Then I mark the spots where holes will be drilled to mount the light to the ears. I use an allen bolt so that it is easy to hold the bolt in place while tightening it down to a nylon lock nut.

The other modification is to remove the bulb the light comes with, much too powerful for a bike and drawing way too much power. I don't have photos showing the unit I put in it's place, but what I do is use a small LED flashlight. I bought it at Harbor Freight for about five bucks, it is very bright and runs on 4.5+ volts, so can be powered with the white wire from a china girl motor or a six volt sidewall generator... or a rechargeable battery, of course.

I remove the bolt, use a black marker for the size I want to make in the reflector and then ream it out to size with either a dremel tool or a drill with a cone shaped grinding stone. The light gets the barrel removed and wires get soldered for positive and negative leads. After cleaning out the lens and reflector of grinding dust, I epoxy the LED light unit into the opening where the original bulb fit and which we have just enlarged to size. Run the leads out the hole where the original wires went and now you're good to go. With everything you're still under twenty bucks for a pretty cool headlight.
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