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Default Re: Too Big???

I like the Harbor Freight dune buggy light and consider it a real bargain. The quality of construction and chrome is very good, especially considering that it costs around twelve bucks. I've use it on four builds and will probably use it again.

Is it too big? Depends on your taste and the bike, I think.

The first photo is interesting because it shows the same light on the same bike frame (Schwinn Panther), but mounted in different ways. In the foreground is a 49 Panther using a Whizzer front fork. The headlight is mounted with the bolt which protrudes from the bottom of the headlight. In the background is a 50 Panther with a Suzuki fork which has headlight ears. The light has been modified so that it tucks back into the ears and in my opinion looks smaller somehow and much better. To my eye it is just right. If you look through photos of early motorcycles many of them had honker sized headlights, so there is an historical precedent.

I also used this light with an odd AMF Roadmaster frame with a Tomos engine. It also uses a Suzuki fork and I think it looks good.
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