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Default Re: Newbie looking for some help on new build

Welcome... With little or no experience, these Chinese 2 cycles are a great way to start. If you can follow instructions (instruction manual not the greatest, and that's stretching it), and have some experience using tools it just might be a go. My son had NO experience on any engines, I on the other hand have had too many years experience. He has learned most everything about them. These Chinese HT's are by far the easiest engine I've ever worked on. I suggest you read up on everything that you can find about them before you jump into building one. Heads do one right, planing on a full day, and then some. With my experience, I took 2 (6 hr) days from start to riding. There is only one way to build them, shortcuts WILL get you in trouble....believe me. These engines won't just bolt up on a cruiser without mount mods. Here are some pictures of my second cruiser build, a $300.00 build.
I have compiled a paper, that will help you in your endeavor.

Best of luck should you tackle this project.

By the way $148.00 for a kit isn't too bad. I paid $107.00 (got lucky on a Ebay bid) for my 1st kit in 3/2009, my latest was $127.00 a year ago.
Looking for HT's parts?
HT pre instillation tips.
Engine running problems?
HT breakdown Photos

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