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Default Newbie looking for some help on new build

I'm 16 and live in arkansas. I bought a 49cc scooter a couple months ago, and can't/couldn't get it running. The system is just too complex for me! So now I've decided on getting a motor kit for my bike, put some lights and a horn on it and I'll have a more simple scooter/moped. Anyways I'm looking into purchasing this kit: Motorized Bicycle Kit! Bike Engine Kit! 48cc 2 stroke Bike Motor and KIT | eBay

I have to keep it under 50cc cause of the laws where I live. If it's over 50cc then I have to have a drivers licence and it'll take me another 6 months of having my permit till I can get my licence. So this kit says that it's for a beach cruiser type bicycle.. And around where I live in hillbilly country nobody has those type of bikes for sale. So will it work on a mountain or road bike? And how hard would it be to install for someone that knows pretty much nothing about motors? And how long would it take to install on a regular mountain bike?

I really look foreward to getting one of these.. They seem like alot of fun and cheap transportation. So if anyone can help me that'd be great!

Thanks in advance!
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