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Default Re: First build by most not handy guy

Originally Posted by Blake84 View Post
So I decided to go with option 1 and i dove in head first
I was hoping you would go with the 'OldArmy' theme like the Felt rebuild/repair I have in the shop right now. It's a 4-stroker.
...I opened (the motor kit) and realized the only thing I know how to do is mount the gas tank.
There are many other tank options ;-}
I deflated the tire and can't figure out how to remove the thick brick tire from the rim. I'm afraid to bend the lip of the rim trying. Any tricks?
No tricks other than a couple of dull screwdrivers and a little dish detergent.

One thing I can mention is before you get too far look at how you are going to get the fat rear wheels sprocket to be outside the tire and still run in a perfectly straight line to the motor sprocket with both sprockets teeth being in perfect alignment too.

If you think you can just mount the wheel and motor cock-eyed or somehow bend the chain back and forth laterally with a tensioner you are sorely mistaken, it will fail.
I know 1st hand, this is the army Felt I have in the shop right now because the original hack that built it and the other 2 guys the customer paid to 'fix it' the last couple of years tried that very thing and it didn't, and this is 4 stroke mount that will move laterally!

It was a mess to move the rear sprocket farther out with that band brake on it and then re-align the motor to match it, and the chain doesn't clear that fat tire by much, and the motor is way left to just get it aligned, BUT...
The sprockets are aligned in perfect both Vertical point to point contact and Lateral Horizontal angle as well.

Chains only bend in one direction not two, and that goes for even being 'bent' from a cock-eyed sprocket doing the bending.
Every link will repeatedly bent back and forth cock-eyed every time it enters and leaves the sprocket.

Just a tip for a newbie bud and good luck with the build, and I sure hope you aren't going to do this with a fixed mount 2-stroke motor without making new mounts as it's not just the back wheel sprocket needs to be outside the tires outside, the motor sprocket needs to be too, and they have to be dual alignment.
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