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Default Re: How to figure what motor suits the rider?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Then you should take that up with Mass RMV as it's what they still provide regarding motorized bicycles - but even within the link you've provided no mention is made of pedals, the specifics remain the same.

I do believe the number of replies made is proportional to the number of statements made & I think such constitutes a discussion, "harassment" usually infers hostility, an overt attack of some sort - which I assure you I did not intend nor I believe is evident, the intent being again - clarification. If you don't wish to continue a discussion - don't.
I have no need to take anything up with the RMV, I'm not the one confused but rather clear on the updated regs where I live. One thing certain, if I were to post a link online as reference to readers concerning legal regulations I would first make sure it was at least accurate and current. But I see the discussion continues to be framed and manipulated in an attempt to make it about regs despite the fact neither I or the OP brought it up.

Originally Posted by KINGLOOIE View Post
I am kinda on the fence to a 66cc or a 4 stroke. I am a big fella 6'2" and 275 lbs. I know its going to take some snort to get this mass moving. Any thought from the peanut gallery? Besides a diet!!
Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
By definition, some pedaling will be inherent with all motor assisted bicycles, being single speeds, at starts, out of corners, on acceleration etc. In a sense, gearing matters more than engine choice and it depends if you want low end torque to easily get up to a modest cruising speed or pedal more at the start to attain a higher top speed. More than that and a scooter or motorcycle starts to make more sense.
Rest assured, in for the long haul, my participation in discussions will continue.

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