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Default Re: How to figure what motor suits the rider?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I'm simply attempting to expand on and add clarity in what was offered as a "definition" as it seemed to infer less that what is not only possible, but recommended in this case.

As an example - in your own home state of Massachusetts* a "motorized bicycle" is defined as a pedal bicycle which has a helper motor, or a non-pedal bicycle which has a motor and a displacement of 50cc or less with an automatic transmission, which runs contrary to what you had stated as "inherent". Such would be the importance of inclusive details within proposed definitions.

I'm sorry you feel that it's either confusing or harassment, but a forum is for the discussion of topics in this fashion - up to and including expounding on points made by others as well as the exchange of dissenting opinions *shrug*

First off, the linked pdf is out of date by a decade. The MA laws were updated in July 2009 with a third class of two wheeled vehicles added where there had been two.

Massachusetts RMV - Moped Definition and Requirements

This is the 4th post directed at my one initial comment, 4 out of 17 before the last. I have the sense that near 25% of the posting in the entire thread, contributing little to the OP's original comment but rather skewed to "correct" mine, is suspect. I am not the one confused but I do suspect this is harassment.

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