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Default Re: How to figure what motor suits the rider?

Originally Posted by KINGLOOIE View Post
After some research I am sorta leaning toward a gt5-sr a super rat? with a internal cdi. They seem to have more top end power, maybe with some gearing and clutch work it would be the ticket to my tubby butt? hehehe

On another note my son pulled his scooter motor, a 49cc yhc(robin?) off his scooter and it has a transmission on it. Would need to change the carb and get the nessary other parts but it should be a descent motoer for a magari falcon gt w/26" wheels....think this is a good start for him??
Yes & I think so lol - as I was attempting to state previously both those engines are quite sufficient, tho given the weight stated I would recommend some manner of gearing to provide both a satisfactory take off as well as a comfortable cruising speed

In regards to your son's scooter motor, a "49cc yhc(robin?)" which provided it's in good condition most likely has more power than the GT5 as it's likely a far higher quality engine - the "I think so" is simply due to the fact I'm unfamiliar with the physical dimensions of that engine & transmission combo, so I'm not sure what would be involved with trying to fit it to a magari falcon...

Tho I will say given the potential quality of that engine as well as the fact it has a transmission, it's definitely worth pursuing - dependent only on how much modification & fabrication you're willing to do
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