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Default Re: How to figure what motor suits the rider?

Yes, I do sense some confusion, but then I guess that's why the perceived need to clarify is often quite subjective.

Nothing was implied about the laws of MT nor any legal definitions, rather about the physics of what the OP asked. Following the logic of a thread titled How to figure what motor suits the rider, the OP initially stated "I know its going to take some snort to get this mass moving". The meaning of my comment was simply stating all bicycles have pedals by definition and IMO that to expect more from a bicycle with a motor, whether we call it a motor assist or motored lol, that at some point if that isn't sufficient from a practical viewpoint a scooter or motorcycle might make more sense. Rather simple really, certainly not a solution looking for a problem.

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By definition, some pedaling will be inherent with all motor assisted bicycles, being single speeds, at starts, out of corners, on acceleration etc. In a sense, gearing matters more than engine choice and it depends if you want low end torque to easily get up to a modest cruising speed or pedal more at the start to attain a higher top speed. More than that and a scooter or motorcycle starts to make more sense.

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