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Default Re: Freezing brake and throttle lines!

Work.... oooooww!

Anyway my 2 cents I used the dry Lockease Dry Lubricant Graphite Powder. I put about a tablespoon full in a cloth and then wrap the cloth with the graphite powder in it along the length of the removed cable from cover.

You'll see the shine on the cable go to a dull grey and you know that you have a good amount on the cable then.

I also shoot with the nozzle on the dry graphite down each end of the cable cover. It might get some in part way, but when putting the cable in it will redistribute it in the cover.

The container I got is so old there is no label left to see, but I poured some of the stuff out. It just looks like dust. I know there are many other brands of Graphite Powder. I suggest that this should work and the newer product have a liquid type, but I'm not thinking anything but using the dry powder stuff.

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