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Default Re: How to figure what motor suits the rider?

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
By definition, some pedaling will be inherent with all motor assisted bicycles, being single speeds, at starts, out of corners, on acceleration etc. In a sense, gearing matters more than engine choice and it depends if you want low end torque to easily get up to a modest cruising speed or pedal more at the start to attain a higher top speed. More than that and a scooter or motorcycle starts to make more sense.
Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
To clarify: your definition may be true with motor assisted bicycles, which is one reason why we prefer differentiating between the terms "motor assisted bicycle" (usually reserved for under 1hp or less and/or pedalic only systems) and "motorized bicycle" (general term for a bicycle with any type/size of motor). Deciding that a scooter or motorcycle makes more sense than anything other than a limited "assist" system is a matter of personal preference and not specific definition in this instance.
In actuality this isn't relevant to the question at hand

Who is the "we" dictating preference? I must have missed that as well as the notice that there is a final arbiter on what is relevant with such exactitude that any further comment or opinion beyond would fall outside the strict precision of general discussion on a wrench turners message forum. Now aware, I'm sure I'll notice equal and precise regimentation exercised on a cross section of threads, lol.

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